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April 13, 2023
Karan Chaudhary

Upgrades made to Loop Flows to make it even more powerful đź’Ş

When we launched Loop Flows, brands absolutely loved the feature because it simplified the otherwise complex subscription journeys and paved the way to smoother operations.

We took feedback from the community and built on top of the existing use-cases and functionalities. And now we have released a couple of important changes to Loop Flows that make this feature even more powerful.

Here is a summary of all the changes released in Q1’23 👇

  1. Add multiple products + product variants with help of “IF” condition

Brands can easily add multiple products & variants in a single flow instead of creating multiple flows. This consolidates the number of flows that need to be created to achieve a certain task.  

Let’s say if you want to give free shipping on 3 different baby products- Achieve this with one flow instead of creating a separate flow for each product 👇


Another use-case: Add variants

Not only different products, it is also possible to add multiple variants of the same product  in a single flow.

An example where a brand wants to give 20% discount on the 3rd subscription order of two different product variants 👇


  1. Use both OR / AND Logic

Earlier Loop Flows only supported AND logics, we’ve now extended Loop Flows to support OR logics as well. 

For example you want to give a free gift to a subscriber of a particular product OR they have purchased your membership (tracked using customer tag), AND the third subscription order is coming up. 

Here’s how this looks in action 👇


  1. Add specific condition multiple times

Earlier our merchants were able to add only condition of each type in a flow (say “customer tag is present”) and couldn’t repeat it twice. Now with recent upgrades to Loop Flows, merchants can easily add the same specific condition multiple times.

Say you want to give free shipping only to subscribers who have both two different tags “MEMBER” i.e. for members & “OLD-TIMER” i.e. for customers older than 2 years, you can use the following flow:


  1. Logs to check Flows’ status

With the help of logs, brands can track real-time status of any flow and identify the blockers if a flow is not getting triggered.

Merchants can also search for a specific subscription id and debug why that specific flow for the subscription was not triggered.


  1. Visibility of no. of times a flow was triggered

Merchants can also check the number of times a specific flow has been triggered and additionally, use this data for internal analysis to improve their existing workflows.


Loop Flows works for all subscription use-cases that DTC brands need.

Loop Flows is the best way to improve your operational efficiency at scale. With the help of automation and improved logics, your brand can use our Shopify subscriptions app to enhance your subscriber journey.

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