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March 9, 2023
Karan Chaudhary

Your next Klaviyo retention campaign from Loop x No Limit Email

Hey DTC fam,

Have you noticed that Klaviyo does not offer too many templates when it comes to retention and reactivation campaigns?

And the customer winback campaigns present in the template library are pretty basic in nature. I have been following their newsletters and know that they have been pushing a lot of content on automating customer retention with Klaviyo flows.

Since we are obsessed with subscription retention, we had to challenge ourselves to come up with innovative flows that specifically help with subscriber retention

So we collaborated with our good friends at No Limit Email to strategise and come up with an interesting flow called “Subscription Temperature Check”.

Here is how Michael, founder at No Limit Email, breaks down this flow.

Goal: Proactively reduce subscriber churn

Step 1:

Send an email to new subscribers after their 2nd subscription order.

The email should ask them “How’s your subscription going?”

Use 3 faces 'Sad, OK, or Happy' or a NPS Scoring of 1 to 10 (whatever is comfortable for you).

Step 2:

For low NPS score clicks or customers interacting with Sad & OK faces, you should trigger an SMS or Email asking "Where did we go wrong?"

Step 3:

Whenever you receive a low NPS score, notify your customer service team with a Klaviyo notification.

Step 4:

Go old school and get them on the phone to see how it can be improved.

Most attempts to reduce subscription churn are reactive. With this approach we are proactively checking in on subscription customers before they make a decision to cancel. 

Klaviyo Flow Setup

Step 1:

Loop sends every subscription related event to Klaviyo. For this flow we are going to use “the Loop Upcoming Order Event”.

Since we want to reach out after completing two orders ($completed_orders_to_date), on the email of the third upcoming order, and someone who has not shared a rating with us, this is how the configuration would like in the flow.

Step 2: 

In order to collect the NPS rating, you would have to use the Update profile setting when someone clicks on the link feature inside Klaviyo.

If you already have a profile setting that collects the NPS rating, then you can use this:

{% update_property_link 'NPS_profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}

For our email, we have used three faces to collect the NPS rating- Happy, Neutral and Sad.

Depending upon your internal customer success setup, you can take the visitors to the appropriate link. 

Step 3: 

This step involves a conditional split in the Klaviyo flow when someone submits their rating.

a) When a subscriber is happy

An email is triggered to them. A couple of useful tactics for keeping happy subscribers engaged is offering better discounts on upcoming orders or sending them a surprise gift on their future orders.

With the help of 1-click, you can nudge them towards the customer portal- Send the link for the customer portal inside the email 👉{{ person.loop_customer_portal_link }} variable.

They can easily apply the discount for their next order by entering into their portal.

b) When a subscriber is not happy (neutral) or sad

So the way we have defined the conditional flow is that if someone submitted neutral or sad as their rating, then they would have to follow a different path.

On this path, they’ll first get an email asking, “Where did we go wrong?”. 

Here are more details on how you can use third-party apps to collect feedback and reviews (one can use for this purpose).

Step 4:

Setup a notification action in a flow that alerts customer service about a bad review.

You can add a time delay to this notification based on how soon you want to alert your customer service team.

Once you have configured the alert, the next step is to create a profile property that captures if the customer qualifies for a manual reach out or not.

Track this profile property via custom segment inside Klaviyo to see how many subscribers submitted sad or neutral as their rating on the order

This Klaviyo flow is useful for getting feedback on on-going subscriptions. Based on timely feedback, one can take action to reach out to subscribers to get them to take appropriate actions.

Let us know if you would like help in setting up such a flow for your store- Happy to put you in touch with the No Limit Marketing team.

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