8 eCommerce newsletters that can change your life 💸

Karan Chaudhary
February 19, 2024

  1. DTC Branding Newsletter | Nik Sharma
  1. DTC Newsletter
  1. DTC Examples
  1. All Things CX & Retention | Eli Weiss
  1. Weekly Growth Learnings | Cody Plofker
  1. GO-TO-MILLIONS | Ari Murray
  1. Whale Mail | Triple Whale
  1. CROSSED Commerce | Chris Meade

Thanks @EthanGol1 & @obviceo for creating this amazing website with industry best newsletters.

Notable Mentions

A few other newsletters to follow outside this list

  1. D2CVille

    D2CVille offers D2C Stories and D2C Digest are both carefully crafted newsletters that offer weekly inspiration and D2C news. Subscribe it for

         1. Success stories of D2C founders
         2. Weekly DTC insights
         3. Getting connected with the D2C community
         4. Free resources on topics like inventory
          5. Discounts on leading tools

    Subscribe and read more here.

2. Yellow Notes by 1-800-D2C

Each week, 1-800-D2C sends an interesting newsletter on the world of D2C and eCommerce tech.

They share insights and strategies from the top D2C founders and operators to help you build a better eCommerce business

Sign up here

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