Mel Science automatically upgrades monthly subscription billing plan to annual for higher LTV

About the brand and subscription program

MEL Science is an educational subscription that offers 100+ hands-on projects in the form of a box delivered monthly.

Promoting annual plan through a homepage banner

MEL Science encourages customers to subscribe to the annual plan so they can save more, improve their own retention, and also increase LTV at the same time.

Asking subscribers to switch to annual over monthly payments

When a customer subscribes to their education box, they are offered multiple payment plans ranging from monthly, 3-months, 6-months and annual.

With the help of a custom Loop widget, they have clearly highlighted the savings with each billing duration. On an annual subscription, customers are able to save $180

While a customer can cancel their annual box plan anytime, the idea of saving more money every month encourages them to continue the subscription for a longer duration.

How does Loop Flows help Mel Science automate this switch?

A straightforward setup inside Loop that completely eliminates manual intervention of changing the plan.

When a customer starts a subscription with monthly billing, Loop initiates a workflow that auto-upgrades the monthly billing to annual billing after the first subscription order has been completed.

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