Loop's upselling feature inside the customer portal increases AOV for the merchants while offering discounted add-ons to subscribers that increases their likelihood of buying.

Improve your AOV with Loop’s Smart Upselling (2024 Update)

We are bringing to the DTC world an improved way of upselling products to your subscribers through our newly released & highly personalised Upsell feature that drives high conversion rates.

How merchants benefit from Loop's Upsell?

01. Eliminate confusion between one-time upsell & subscription upsell

Usually in other apps, both one-time and subscription products are clubbed together in the upselling section within the customer portal and help in improving the AOV for the merchants.

To eliminate this confusion, we have given merchants the ability to clearly decide if they want to upsell subscription only products or have one-time add-ons exclusively.

02. Pick the products eligible for upsell

Merchants can decide which products are eligible for upselling. This makes upselling more personalised than generic i.e. all products available on online store won’t be available as an upsell, only a select few. This results in high conversion rates.

03. Configure upsell discounts

Further ahead, the merchants can configure upsell discounts for each product and also decide whether that product is available as a one-time upsell and/or as a subscription upsell.

04. Display entire upsell inventory

Merchants can allow customers to click on the “More Products” button to see all the products available as upsell.

How your subscribers benefit from Loop's Upsell?

01. Hyper-personalised recommendations to customers

Customers see limited and highly personal upselling options (at max 3) at a time for quick decision making. This increases the utility of the upsell for the customer.

02. Get discount for adding new products to existing order

The customer can clearly see the discount and savings that comes attached with purchasing an upsell. Higher discount encourages the customer to buy the product as an upsell.

03. Communicate savings in shipping costs with an upsell (Coming Soon)

Customers should have the option of deciding between different frequencies (if available) when purchasing a subscription upsell. However, by default the same frequency as that of the current subscription should be selected. 

Ex. Say Jim has a Matcha subscription delivering every 2 months, and wants to purchase a coffee subscription (as an upsell) - then the coffee’s default frequency should be 2 months only. And both products will be delivered together and he will save on shipping.

However if Jim selects say a monthly frequency for his coffee then a new subscription will be created and a separate shipping cost will be charged.

We are really excited to launch Upsell V1.

To know more about our beta release click here
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