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April 14, 2023
Karan Chaudhary

How to create a refill flow for DTC subscription brands like Jolie Showerhead with Loop Flows?‍

DTC world is small and big at the same time. While the market is huge, there are a few big names that everyone has heard of and Jolie shower heads is one of them.

For those who don’t know about Jolie, it is a filtered shower head brand that removes chlorine, heavy metals & other contaminants from your shower water — to improve your skin, hair and wellbeing.

Jolie’s Subscription Model

Jolie sells shower heads and shower head filters. These are two separate SKUs and shouldn’t be confused as one. When a visitors lands on their PDP, they are given two options:

One-time purchase option is simple, you get one shower head and one filter.

But let’s do a deep dive into their subscription option.

If a customer selects subscription then for the first order they get a Jolie shower head, a filter plus they also enroll in a filter subscription.

People using the shower head would require a new filter every 90 days or so. So while the shower head SKU is sold as a one-time product, the filter is a subscription product. 

DTC Subscription Model: Refill Flow

This is a typical refill flow where the a brands has a high-value SKU which has to be sold initially like a coffee roaster, followed by recurring shipment of its refills like tea, or coffee.

One of our merchant Mushroom Design is using the exact same model to create a refill flow where the first box of mushroom supplement is swapped by just the pills (not the box) from the second order.

Creating a flow like this takes literally 2 minutes and can be done for any DTC brand. You just have to create two different SKU’s and swap the higher-value one with the refill product from the second order onward.

It’s that easy. Create one by installing our app on Shopify here (free 14 day trial).

Check out this refill flow live here.

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