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6 Powerful emails to engage your DTC subscribers & boost retention (2024 Update)

After working with many DTC brands, we’ve realized that subscribers have the highest LTV and they deserve the best engagement to boost retention.

With Loop, we’ve designed really power email flows to elevate your subscriber experience by sending the right email at the right time.

Here are 6 unique email flows that can be triggered with Loop X Klaviyo to improve subscriber retention easily.

Detailed deep-dive into each of them 👇

1. Use rewarding emails to retain subscribers

With Loop Subscriptions, you can give rewards like higher discounts, and gifts based on total orders, customer tags and the products your subscribers use.

Use these rewards to engage subscribers over emails like:

  • Send a welcome email sequence to subscribers, personalized based on the product they use
  • Send an email highlighting higher discount on the next order - With Loop flows, brands can configure a higher discount on (say) 2nd order and boost retention
  • Send an email highlighting free gift on the next order - With Loop flows, brands can configure gifts on the (say) 4th order to reduce churn
  • Launch simple UGC campaign - set-up a campaign to all subscribers who received a gift on their 4th order and ask them to review the product on social.

Just like above, 100’s of these email flows can be configured in less than 60 seconds => high engagement + churn reduction.

2. Send payment failure emails to reduce churn

~15% of the revenue is lost from failed payments. A lot of brands don’t even track this data.

Loop’s dunning management system tracks card failure churn and engages subscribers over emails to update their cards.

Card expiry alerts - set up an email campaign to notify customers about card expiry 30 days in advance with a one-click update link.

  • If the payment is unsuccessful then Loop retries cards up to 5 times.
  • Using Klaviyo integration, you can send notifications to customers about failed payments + retry attempts.

Offer a reward to update card details - In the Last Payment Retry Email - offer an incentive to subscribers to update their card details

Loop sends all payment failure events to Klaviyo and it is extremely easy to set-up these campaigns.

3. Design upcoming order emails to increase subscription revenue (~20% Growth)

Brands lose ~15% revenue because of skipped orders and paused subscriptions. Most of this revenue is lost right after the “Upcoming Order Reminder” email.

With Loop X Klaviyo integration, you can redesign upcoming order emails to reduce revenue loss. Over these emails, you can:

  • Add Delay by 7/14  day button instead Skip Order button
  • Add upcoming rewards information in the email
  • Upsell one-time add-ons with discounts

4. Run high ROI subscriber reactivation campaigns

Loop Cancellation Flows (check it out on Loop demo store) is designed to bust churn.

Brands can create their own cancellation reasons, and offer alternatives to cancellations. They can also offer discounts to specific subscribers like those with 3+ orders or $100 spent.

This cancellation data is synced on Klaviyo.

Brands can set up reactivation sequences that are personalized with cancellation reason + total order count/product.

You get ready-made customer segments of people who cancelled because of “too much stock” or “too expensive” and you can hyper-target these segments.

For instance, your reactivation campaign for “too-much-stock” customers can be sent after 2-3 weeks with one-click activation.

5. Personalise emails to increase AOV

Set up campaigns based on a subscriber’s journey. With Loop, you can tag subscribers and you are all set on Klaviyo. Some examples of campaigns:

  • Upselling campaigns for the subscribers of Product A ⇒ offer Product B at a 50% discount after 2 orders + also send this in an upcoming order email.
  • Free delivery campaign - with Loop, brands can offer free delivery on $50+ subscription orders and send subscribers a free shipping email
  • Set up a welcome campaign for subscribers personalized at the product level (talk about product benefits, brand values, customer testimonials etc)
  • Send a thank you campaign for subscribers who have done 3+ orders  

6. Reward subscribers on special days

High chances that you are doing special incentives on the 4th of July, BFCM, Earth Day for new customers but are you doing anything for the highest LTV customers - your subscribers?

With Loop Bulk Actions, you can do all sorts of interesting things and engage with subscribers:

  • Give an extra 10% discount to all subscribers with their March order to celebrate Women's Day.
  • Celebrate the 4th of July by giving a free gift with July orders to all subscribers who have done 3+ orders

These are just some of the ideas - we can do so much more.

Emails have a high ROI. They can boost your subscriber retention, improve AOV and reduce churn.

400+ brands have migrated to Loop from other platforms to grow their subscription business.

Brands also save ~40% of their software cost by migrating from other platforms while growing subscription revenue.

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