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February 20, 2023
Karan Chaudhary

5 Health & Supplement widget designs to boost DTC subscription revenue

Health and Supplement brands are big on subscriptions.

To create stickiness, it's important to show customers what you offer in your subscription program

A good subscription widget that stands out can boost revenue. 

DTC Brands can try split-testing their subscription widget to see its impact on conversion rate.

The simplest way to run a split-test is to tweak the widget’s copy, color and/or style. 

Loop is currently powering multiple 6 to 7-figure supplement brands. These brands have designed their subscription widgets in unique ways.

You can take inspiration from the 5 examples below to design, rewrite, test and boost your widget’s conversion rates.

Take a look 👇

Mushroom Design

Mushroom Design offers Mushroom supplements. In their subscription widget they write a short and crisp copy that says “30 days to form a habit, 45 days to get results” which can be a great motivator for people just starting out.

Moreover you can also see that the delivery frequency is every 25 days and not the standard 30 days, this means more orders for brands because of shorter intervals.

Utiva Health

Utiva’s subscription widget stands out, they clearly communicate that the subscriber can skip or cancel any time which makes the subscription feel less restrictive.

It’s good for encouraging customers to just start the subscription and not feel bound. They also write about emailing 3 days before renewal so that the customer is not charged without prior intimation.

Again as with Mushroom Design, their delivery frequency is 20 days and is adjustable to 50 and 80 days. Shorter intervals = more orders = higher revenue.

The Patch Brand

What’s unique about Patch Brand is the way they’ve written bullets below the Subscribe & Save option to clearly communicate that the customer can Pause, Swap or Cancel anytime.

Moreover they’ve also given Free Shipping in the US after 2nd orderswhich is basically gamifying the subscriptions to encourage customers to stick to the brand.

Free Shipping post 2nd order is also great for reducing second order churn.

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna’s subscription widget has tweaked the copy of the one-time option to “I’ll take a one-time purchase” and subscription option to “AutoShop & Save”. 

Tweaking these copies to add an element of personalisation is a great idea.

They go above and beyond to highlight the value of a subscription by using words like “Never run out of products” and “Lock in your price now!”. 

These two value points mean that customers who subscribe will not just get convenience , they’ll also stay protected from any price change due to inflation.

Direct Value Dispense

Direct Value Dispense uses the words “Auto-Refill” instead of the usual “Subscribe & Save” and this word play sounds really convenient and useful. 

The idea is to position your subscription in a different way that resonates with your customer base and urges them to subscribe.

A great subscription widget can be a revenue booster for DTC health & supplement brands.

If you want to customise your widget like any of our merchants above to resonate with your audiences, book a call with us here.

Loop offers a no-code subscription builder to set-up your widget and add custom CSS too!

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