Loop X Klaviyo integration simplifies brand engagement with subscribers by offering multiple types of emails that can be sent at different points of the subscriber journey. Check out these 7 different use-cases below.

How to engage your subscriber base with Loop + Klaviyo!

In an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, mastering email marketing has become paramount for businesses looking to thrive.

Here is how 300+ Shopify Plus stores on Loop engage their huge subscriber bases with DTC community's favourite email marketing app- Klaviyo: 

01. Transactional emails for active subscribers

For a large DTC brand, the number of subscription orders in a month is in the range of 100k-150k (tentative). To send transactional emails for so many orders it's important to have a smooth integration of your email campaign app with your subscriptions app. These transactional emails inform your customers important details about things like when is the next shipment, what product they have subscribed to, what’s the start date, what’s the billing date and so on.

02. Inform about upcoming subscription order

The Loop and Klaviyo integration can help you shoot an email to your customers which tells them about their upcoming subscription order so they are aware about it when it arrives.

03. Create win-back campaigns for cancelled subscribers

Get a list of all those subscriptions that have been cancelled and start sending them emails with discounts and promo-campaigns, encouraging them to restart their subscription. This way you get a shot at winning them back and reduce subscription cancellations.

04. Target customers with abandoned subscription order

If someone has put a subscription product in their cart but abandoned it, you can send them an email after a certain period of time, convincing them to complete their subscription purchase within a certain time to avail a discount.

05. Inform customers about payment failure

Sometimes subscriptions fail due to payment failure. You can get an export of all such customers and send them a targeted email asking them to update their card details or recheck their payment status to activate the subscription again.

06. Inform subscribers whenever subscription is paused or resumed

Whenever a subscription is paused or resumed by the customer, it’s important to keep your subscribers in the loop about the order status via email.

07. Make things easy with quick actions for interactive campaigns

With quick action buttons on emails, you can push the customer to click on the button and it will perform the intended action. For example, reactivating a subscription with discount or adding a one-time product to shipping.

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This is how you can build stronger connections with your subscribers using DTC community's favourite email marketing app. Not only is this important from a retention point of view, but one subscriber can be worth a hundred customers! 

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