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July 9, 2024
Vipul Babbar

Churn buster or Loop - Which partner to choose for better revenue Realisation

Reducing churn is crucial for firms aiming to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. A robust retention strategy not only enhances your customer lifetime value but also stabilizes revenue, fosters brand loyalty, and drives organic growth through satisfied customers. By focusing on reducing churn, DTC companies can create a more predictable revenue stream, gain valuable customer insights, and ultimately build a competitive edge in the marketplace. Effective churn management is, therefore, a cornerstone of long-term success for DTC businesses.

Churn Buster is a powerful retention tool designed to help subscription-based businesses reduce customer churn by addressing failed payments and recovery. By providing automated, personalized communication with customers experiencing payment issues, Churn Buster ensures timely resolutions and prevents involuntary churn. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular billing systems, offering detailed analytics and insights to optimize recovery strategies. With features like dunning management, customizable email sequences, and real-time reporting, Churn Buster empowers businesses to maintain their subscriber base, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately enhance revenue stability.

What are some of the top features of Churn Buster? Let’s walk through them.

Dunning Management

With Dunning Automation set up by Churn uster - you can stop losing customers from failed card payments

Features that make Churn Buster’s dunning management easy and effective

  • Enhanced Card retries
  • Customised/personalized email campaigns
  • Last chance offers
  • Advanced segmentation options
  • SMS Nudge
  • Detailed Tracking and Analysis

Enhanced Card Retries improve the timing and frequency of card retries beyond your subscription management platform's capabilities, resulting in fewer unnecessary emails sent, fewer support issues, fewer frustrating cancellations, and faster order shipments.

Customized and personalized email campaigns with Churn Buster allow you to add order details and imagery to remind customers of what they'll miss. Launch top-performing campaigns, backed by years of industry data, with default messaging ready-to-go, customized to your brand, and dynamic personalization using customer properties.

Last-chance offers can be set up with Churn Buster. When recovery attempts fail - last-chance offers enable you to place a well-timed discount (right before a churn attempt)

Churn Buster's advanced segmentation options empower merchants to target customers more effectively by tailoring messages to specific groups. Segment by language to communicate in customers' preferred dialect, by subscription type (membership vs. subscription) to address unique needs, by customer LTV to prioritize high-value customers, by subscription value to customize offers, and by acquisition channel to optimize engagement strategies. This precise targeting ensures the merchant's retention efforts are as effective and personalized as possible.

The SMS Nudge feature ensures that when customers don't respond to emails, a well-timed, thoughtful text message is sent to gently remind them. This approach reduces friction, is easy and convenient for customers, and routes replies directly to your team for prompt and personalized support.

Advanced Tracking and Analysis offers detailed analytics and custom, data-enriched exports, providing deeper insights into customer cohorts, SKUs, A/B test results, decline codes, and more

How is Churn Buster Different from Basic Dunning Management?

The answer to this question lies in how extensive/detailed the segmentation/personalization features Churn Buster offers - Churn Buster offers accurate reporting and comprehensive tools to optimize customer retention, including analytics, segmentation, customer personalization, continuous testing, and branded design. Basic dunning flows are usually riddled with multiple limitations- making it difficult to measure success and make necessary adjustments.


Churn Buster's cancel flows enhance the subscriber experience with on-brand, delightful interactions like one-click skip, delay, or product swaps. For retention teams, it offers seamless, custom implementations, expert guidance, and hands-on optimization.

Churn Buster offers sophisticated cancel flows designed to minimize active churn and foster subscriber loyalty through tailored experiences and data-driven insights.

Churn Buster prioritizes delivering on-brand experiences that delight subscribers. With intuitive features like one-click options for order skipping, delay, and product swaps, subscribers can manage their subscriptions effortlessly. Dynamic flows adjust based on cancel reasons, ensuring offers and deflections meet customer expectations and context.

Implementing Churn Buster's cancel flows is seamless with their done-for-you, custom implementation process. The team provides expert guidance and hands-on optimization, empowering retention teams to leverage AI-powered insights for lasting improvements. Gain visibility into subscriber behaviours and trends to refine strategies effectively.

Features that set Churn Buster’s Cancel Flows apart

  • Tailored Offerings at the Right Time

Central to Churn Buster's approach is delivering the right offer at the right time. By segmenting customers based on subscription type, SKU preferences, monthly spend or lifetime value (LTV), and acquisition channel, Churn Buster personalizes retention strategies. Offers such as discounts, product swaps, and custom options are strategically deployed to mitigate cancellations proactively.

  • Segmented Flows

Churn Buster's segmented flows tailor experiences based on subscription type, SKU preferences, monthly spend or lifetime value (LTV), acquisition channel, and other relevant factors. This personalized approach optimizes retention strategies to suit diverse customer profiles, enhancing overall subscriber satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Continuous Optimization through A/B Testing

Churn Buster facilitates continuous improvement through A/B testing of new retention strategies. This iterative process allows teams to refine approaches based on real-time data, ensuring retention efforts are always optimized for maximum impact.

  • Automatic Learning and Improvement

Harnessing AI, Churn Buster learns from data in real-time to optimize cancel flows automatically. As the system adapts and improves over time, it becomes increasingly effective in retaining subscribers, thereby reducing overall churn rates on autopilot.

  • Comprehensive Retention Insights

Churn Buster provides robust reporting capabilities to analyze top cancellation reasons, test new strategies, and tailor experiences for different customer profiles. These insights enable data-driven decisions that drive significant and lasting improvements in subscriber retention.

  • Sentiment Analysis for Actionable Feedback

With Sentiment AI, Churn Buster quantifies qualitative feedback from cancelling customers with 99% accuracy. This feature surfaces trends, identifies underlying issues, highlights successes, and directs customers based on sentiment, enhancing the ability to retain subscribers effortlessly.

  • White-Glove Implementation and Ongoing Support

Churn Buster offers white-glove implementation services to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the platform’s effectiveness from day one. Ongoing guidance from their team alleviates the need for internal resources, allowing businesses to focus on extending subscriber lifetimes and improving overall customer experience.

Churn Buster - Price?

Churn Buster charges a different price for different Revenue buckets - the higher the ARR range, the higher the price bucket.

  • Prices start from 159 USD per month
  • 14-day free trial available

Loop Subscriptions

Loop Subscriptions is a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize subscriptions growth for DTC businesses, across various industries. At its core, Loop Subscriptions empowers businesses to create and manage subscription services with a focus on flexibility, personalization, and customer-centricity. Their support is renowned for being extremely proactive and responsive to the specific needs of the merchant.

Loop provides a robust set of tools and features that cater to both businesses launching new subscriptions and those seeking to optimize existing models.

Key Features of Loop Subscriptions

Loop Flows

Loop Flows empowers businesses to create personalized experiences through IF-THEN conditional logic

Here are a few applications:

  • Automated Rewards and Milestones: With Loop, you can automatically apply discounts, and add free gifts or trials based on subscriber milestones like order completions or specific product preferences.
  • Dynamic Product Swapping: Customize subscription experiences by automatically swapping product SKUs according to subscriber preferences and past order histories, ensuring tailored deliveries.
  • New Product Launch Integration: Seamlessly dispatch free trials of new products to all subscribers or targeted segments, enhancing engagement and adoption rates.
  • Enable Enhanced Communication: Utilize customizable banners within the subscriber portal to communicate upcoming rewards, integrating with marketing apps like Klaviyo to trigger timely email notifications.
  • Unbundling Subscriptions: Offer subscribers flexibility by unbundling subscription boxes into individual SKUs, allowing them to maintain preferred product selections seamlessly.
  • Dynamic Segment Creation: Utilize tags to create dynamic buyer segments based on subscriber attributes such as order history, lifetime value, or specific conditions. These tags integrate directly with marketing tools for targeted and contextual campaigns.

Loop Flows empowers businesses to build unique gamification strategies and automate complex workflows effortlessly, enhancing subscriber satisfaction and retention. By leveraging these advanced features, businesses can deliver personalized, surprise-and-delight experiences that foster long-term customer loyalty and drive sustainable growth in the competitive subscription market.

Customer Portal

Loop offers a fully customizable interface that empowers businesses to create memorable user experiences without requiring developer intervention. Loop's customer portal simplifies subscription management with features designed to optimize customer engagement and retention.

Customization Without Limits: Businesses can personalize every aspect of their customer portal—from backgrounds and CTAs to text and upsell cards—using a no-code interface. This flexibility extends to creating and managing new themes effortlessly. Whether for seasonal promotions like Black Friday or ongoing brand updates, businesses can experiment with styles and layouts in real-time, previewing changes with live subscription data before deployment.

Enhanced Engagement and Conversion: The portal is engineered to increase Average Order Value and Lifetime Value through strategically placed upselling sections. Businesses can highlight samples, trials, or complementary SKUs dynamically, enhancing cross-sell opportunities and encouraging higher spending per transaction.

Effective Retention Strategies: Loop empowers businesses to reduce subscriber churn with customizable cancellation flows. Using a rich text editor, businesses can create personalized retention campaigns and highlight subscription benefits, offering discounts or gifts at the moment of cancellation to retain customers.

Dunning Management

Loop’s dunning management feature helps optimize failed payment workflows continuously. Brands can configure retries on failed and about-to-fail cards with precision, deciding when to auto-cancel or pause subscriptions after specific retry attempts.

Let’s cover the features of Loop’s Dunning Platform here:

  • Automated Retry Configurations:
    • Configure retries on failed and about-to-fail cards with precision.
    • Choose when to auto-cancel or pause subscriptions after specific retry attempts (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd attempts or last attempt).
    • Option to skip payments after all retry attempts fail for seamless subscription management.
  • Export and Tagging Capabilities:
    • Easily export subscriber data associated with potential failed payments as CSV files.
    • Add tags to customers in dunning mode for targeted communication and segmentation.
    • Integrate with Klaviyo and other Shopify apps for streamlined marketing outreach.
  • Automated Communication:
    • Automate SMS and email notifications to inform subscribers about failed payments.
    • Ensure contextual messaging to reduce churn and improve subscriber retention rates.
  • Actionable Visualizations:
    • Access detailed reports and visualizations on retry metrics.
    • Track metrics such as revenue recouped through retries, upcoming high-risk payments, and more.
    • Make informed decisions based on consolidated revenue recoup data and last retry payments.

Loop pricing

Loop has 2 pricing options - starting from 99 USD + 1% transaction fees (Growth Plan). The Enterprise plan costs 399 USD + 0.75% transaction fees.

Loop’s Customer-Centric Support

  • Loop Subscriptions emphasizes exceptional customer support throughout the subscriber lifecycle.
  • Loop averages a 5 star rating on shopify app store

  • From initial onboarding and implementation to ongoing optimization and troubleshooting, businesses receive dedicated support in their enterprise plan - to maximize the platform’s benefits and address challenges effectively.

How Loop Subscriptions Differs from Churn Buster

While both Loop Subscriptions and Churn Buster focus on subscription management, their core functionalities and objectives differ significantly:

1. Focus and Functionality:

  • Loop Subscriptions: Primarily focuses on enhancing the subscriber experience through their feature-rich solutions - Loop Flows, CP, bundle builder - what is noteworthy here is the ability of the Loop platform to help create custom experience.
  • Churn Buster: Is  a little more niche in the offerings that they provide - Churn Buster provides cancel Flows and Dunning in their feature set and are ideal for enterprise brands who are trying to optimize for reducing churn through automated dunning processes, personalized cancel flows, and AI-driven insights. It targets minimizing subscriber attrition and maximizing revenue recovery.

2. Target Audience:

  • Loop Subscriptions: Targets businesses across various industries looking to launch or improve subscription services, with a strong emphasis on customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Churn Buster: Caters to enterprise businesses that fall in the USD 100K + ARR bracket - and they are primarily focused on reducing churn rates and improving retention through automated strategies and analytics-driven insights

If you want to go in for a holistic subscriptions management company, and are looking to build better experiences for your customers - Loop might be your go to choice

Loop provides an all-in-one platform where you can manage your subscriptions, provide exceptional experiences to customers

Companies should choose Loop Subscriptions for holistic subscription management and exceptional customer experiences. With Loop, businesses can manage subscriptions seamlessly, reduce churn with effective cancellation flows, and increase customer lifetime value through personalized workflows. It offers an all-in-one platform that simplifies operations while enhancing customer satisfaction and retention, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking comprehensive subscription management solutions.

Switch to Loop for advanced subscription management.
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