The Patch Brand decouples bundle subscriptions into individual SKUs within ongoing subscription

About the brand and subscription program

The Patch Brand sells vitamin-infused patches. These patches are used for sleep, energy, focus, calm and other daily activities.

That's why The Patch Brand sells a variety pack as a bundle subscription for new customers to try out all of their variety packs instead of just opting for single SKU subscription

How does unbundling a bundle subscription make sense from customer’s convenience?

A common use case within DTC brands: When a new customer purchases a bundle pack with multiple product varieties, they are most likely making the purchase to try out all those varieties and then come to a decision- The variety that they would like to continue with.

And once they have come to this decision, they are likely to start an individual subscription for that particular variety or varieties.

That’s exactly what The Patch Brand does with its Essentials Bundle Variety and Everyday Bundle Variety.

The goal is to promote bundle subscriptions for higher AOV, while giving customers the flexibility to add or remove products from that ongoing subscription as per their convenience.

How does Loop Flow help in unbundling a bundle subscription with multiple SKUs?

The journey of a new subscriber starts with a bundle subscription of six products.

With the help of Loop Flows, The Patch Brand unbundles this subscription into six individual products.

When the first order is completed, the flow breaks it down into the three products that constitute the original bundle.

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