Inspiration Co. swaps products in monthly subscription box service to make each box unique

About the brand and subscription program

The Inspiration Co is an accessories DTC brand that offers a personalized bracelet subscription box to its customers. They have two subscription box variants: Bloom Box and Shine box.

They not only sell subscriptions from their online store but also incentivize their retail outlets (more than 40 locations) to sell subscription boxes.

Their subscription box consists of 2 new bracelets with a matching study course.

Each month they send new bracelets to their customers and make it different from the previous month.

Within Shopify, they have renamed their subscription box SKUs with the month number included in the name of the SKU to differentiate the different boxes.

Each subscription box also has two variants (based on size).

How does Loop Flows help them automate a monthly subscription box with personalized products? 

When a new subscription is started on their store, the subscription box preconfigured for that month gets delivered to the subscriber

Now once the first subscription order has been delivered, a Loop Flow is triggered in the backend which switches the box in the ongoing subscription- Month 1 to Month 2.

For example: Someone subscribes to Bloom Box (Medium Size) in the 11 month of the year.
At the start of the 12th month, the box will be swapped with a different SKU, i.e., subscription box created for the 12th month.

They’ve also created these 1 to 12 month subscription box flows for 48 different locations so they can reward their staffers based on the sales each storefront makes.

Within Loop, they are also able to track how many times a particular Flow was triggered.

Visit their store here.

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