Mushroom Design promotes sustainable subscriptions with a simple refill flow to cut plastic usage in subscriptions

About the brand and subscription program

Mushroom Design is the first of its kind daily vitamin + mushroom supplement that is eco-friendly and backed by science.

They offer a standard autoship subscription model of their popular Daily Multi-Vitamin 9 product. The first time subscription order includes a plastic jar for the vitamin pills along with vitamin pill pouch.

As a brand, they are dedicated on promoting sustainability. So in the second subscription order to their existing subscriber, they only send the refill pouch and not the plastic jar

How Loop Flows helps them to automate refill pack swap on the second subscription order

They have created an automation rule inside Loop to check whenever a new subscription order of Mushroom Design Daily is created,

they create a swap action to change this product SKU with the Refill pack SKU.

Effectiveness of this swap flow

Let's say the subscriber starts the subscription of Daily Multi-Vitamin at a discounted price (maybe during a special campaign or holiday sale).

There are settings inside Loop Flows where brands can configure what they want to do with the price and discount in case there is a product swap. In case of Mushroom design, they wanted to keep the same price and discount as that of the old product.

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