Evereden engages subscribers with a combination of free samples and gifts

About brand and subscription program

Evereden is a popular skincare brand targeting multiple audience segments- Babies, Kids and mothers. However, their primary focus is on young mothers who are looking to buy natural skincare products for themselves and for newborns and kids. They have raised $32 million in Series C funding led by GSR Ventures.

They run standard autoship subscriptions on all their product SKUs and also offer bundles for SKUs of the different categories.

They have set up multiple flows to gamify the subscriptions journey right from the first order to completing X+* orders for mothers.

This is how they have implemented engagement with each order

  1. Sample pack on new subscription
  2. Sample packs on recurring orders till the milestone of X order (because maximum cancellations were happening after X* orders)
  3. Communicating about rewards inside the portal
  4. Sending a free product as gift after X+* orders

How do they use Loop Flows to execute the gamification strategy?

1. Send sample pack with a new subscription

When a new subscription is created on their store, they send a Free sample pack of a best-selling product SKU.

This sample pack is complementary to the subscription SKU and from a different category. That’s why they have created multiple product flows to club the right product sample with a particular subscription product SKU.

This is a great way to introduce a different line of products to their new subscribers while engaging them with a free gift.

For example, when a new customer starters a subscription of a popular SKU from the women's section,

They send a free sample pack of "Kids' popular product SKU". The samples are not available directly for selection on the storefront. They are configured in the Shopify admin.

They have created multiple such flows for other subscription SKUs and sample pack combos. 

2.Send other sample packs on recurring order of same subscription

For the upcoming subsequent orders of the same subscription, they send sample packs of different products.

The Flow works in the same way as the flow for the first order except the flow gets triggered when it is a recurring order and not a new subscription order

3. Communicating upcoming rewards & gifts to subscribers inside the portal

Within Loop Flows, they have configured to show the rewards banner on the portal.

That’s how they are able to communicate the rewards to subscribers and incentivize for longer subscriptions

4. Sending gifts to subscribers who have have completed X+* orders or more

Now to engage subscribers who have completed X+* orders or more, EverEden has set up separate flow to reward that subscriber segment with a surprise gift.

These surprise gifts are handpicked product SKUs that they ship with the ongoing subscription order at 100% discount

To personalise the gift and compliment it with the products present in the ongoing subscriptions, they have created multiple flows.


X*+ - Different brands configure this flow for different number of orders.

Visit their store here.

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