Everwell Canada automatically changes membership plan tier after subscriber onboarding

About the brand and subscription program

Everwell Canada offers holistic online fitness goals training and consultation.
It has multiple membership programs ranging from 3 months to 12 months

They have a tiered membership program. The initial investment for the first month is $229 as it involves a full assessment and registration costs followed by $149 per month once the customer has been onboarded.

This structure ensures that the time and effort involved in onboarding a customer is rightly compensated by the higher first month pricing.

A product swapping Loop flow powers this tiered pricing structure

Everwell Canada’s training plan tier change is powered by six different Loop Flows.

Two separate SKUs were created for the same training program- One at $229 for the first month (involves setting up assistance) and the other one at $129 for second month onwards

When a new subscription (membership) is started, the $229 SKU is charged.

Loop Flow gets triggered and swaps it with lower priced membership (saved as STEP 2 within Shopify backend)

Live store here.

Loop Flows works for all subscription workflow use-cases

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