TruHeight creates a data-driven rewards strategy based on cancellation analytics

About the brand & subscription program

TruHeight is a height growth vitamin designed by US scientists and proven to be effective in helping children and young adults reach their maximum potential height.

They offer a standard autoship subscription on their website- Visitors can start subscriptions of different variants.
They also motivate first-time visitors to opt for subscriptions over one-time purchase through the widget design and messaging inside the widget.

Using data to setup the right rewards program

Inside Loop Cancellation analytics, they observed that majority of subscription cancellations were happening when subscribers had completed atleast 2 orders.

Based on this observation, they decided to setup a rewards strategy where they would offer a higher discount when someone completed 2 orders and they are about to receive the 3rd order

They decided to offer an automated higher discount to subscribers when they complete 4 orders and 7 orders- Gamifiying the whole experience for a longer subscription journey.

How did they setup this automation inside Loop?

To setup a flow, they first defined the IF condition: 

When a recurring order is successfully placed AND number of orders placed in the specific subscription is 2

When a particular subscriber meets this criteria, then a flow is triggered that appends an additional 15% discount on the upcoming subscription order, i.e., 3rd order in case of TruHeight

Highlighting rewards through banner inside the customer portal

TruHeight also notifiy their subscribers about the reward through banners inside the portal.

They have  enabled this setting inside Loop Flows. The banner has been stylized by TruHeight using CSS inside Loop and displays their own custom text

Visit their store here.

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