Migration Date: June 2022

SHAY and BLUE, a 10-year old brand, shifted from Recharge to Loop

Shay & Blue successfully and safely migrated to Loop Subscriptions from Recharge within a day without any hindrance and accelerated their subscriber growth plans.

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"We safely migrated Shay and Blue's subscribers to our app within a day. The technical part of the migration took less than 1 hour. Once they migrated to our app, they started off with Shopify Markets to target different geographies."

Abel Leslie

Chief Migration Specialist, Loop

About Shay and Blue

Founded and established in 2012, Shay & Blue is a British perfume brand headquartered in London. Their clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products have made them a crowd's favourite.

Issues with old subscriptions app

Before migrating to our app, Shay & Blue were using Recharge for subscription management. They were not happy as they faced multiple issues:

Non-native Shopify checkout for subscription orders: In order to complete a subscription order, Shay & Blue’s customers had to create two accounts- One on their website and the other on the subscription app platform. They were not happy with this flow because their customers had to manage two different accounts. Additionally, some of the customers got charged twice while managing subscriptions on Recharge. 

Slow support: Recharge’s team took anywhere from 48-72 hours to respond to a support ticket raised by Shay & Blue. This slow response time added to the final response time of the support tickets raised by their customers. The overall higher wait time to resolve complaints caused a poor customer experience.

Inoperative with Shopify markets: In order to expand their business globally, Shay & Blue wanted to enable Shopify Markets for their store. However, their previous app did not operate with Shopify Markets. This was a huge issue because it affected the potential growth of their business. That’s when they decided to move to a trustworthy alternative.

Migration to Loop Subscriptions

With the help of our app, Shay & Blue managed to resolve the ongoing issues with their subscription program: 

Subscription orders on native Shopify checkout: Shay & Blue customers were able to complete their subscription orders on the native Shopify checkout page. They didn’t have to create two accounts. They could easily check their subscription and order status with our passwordless login feature.

Loop flows and Dunning management: Using Loop Flows, Shay & Blue gamified the subscription journey by creating specific offers and discounts for individual subscribers. To reduce subscription churn, they also set up automated alerts.

Shopify markets support: Our app is completely operable with Shopify Markets. Once they shifted to our app, Shay & Blue were finally able to try out waters with Shopify markets.

Subscription order on Shopify Native Checkout

Loop Subscriptions vs Recharge: Make a Risk-Free Migration Move

Migration Process and Timeline

We got introduced to Paul, managing director at Shay and Blue by Gypsyphi, a Shopify partner agency. We got on a quick call to discuss the details of the process: 

  • First Shay & Blue had to install our app on their Shopify store.
  • Then, we shifted subscriber and product-level information from Recharge: Active subscribers, paused subscriptions, cancellations & payment settings. 
  • The technical part of this migration took less than 1 hour to complete. 

We successfully migrated Shay & Blue to our app in less than a day.

Subscription widget on Shay and Blue's Collection page

Get more details about the migration process

Steps Forward

Shay & Blue have now enabled Shopify markets to kick off their global expansion plans. They have added an attractive subscriber widget on their product page through our subscription management system.

Here is a link to the product page for Mood For Oud Lite Fragrance, one of their most subscribed products.

Subscription widget on Shay and Blue's product page

To improve the conversion rate of customers into subscribers on their product pages, they keep experimenting with different ideas.

Abel Leslie

Chief Migration Specialist at Loop Subscriptions

Hey, I handle all the migrations here at Loop. Hit me up if you have any questions related to Migrating from any Legacy subscriptions apps and I'd be happy to guide you through it.

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