migration date: january 2022

Inventory Management Issues Led Flawsome Drinks to Migrate

Flawsome Drinks, a UK based store, decided to migrate their subscriber base from one of the market leaders to our app as they faced a lot of sync issues while managing their inventory.

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Flawsome team did a research on different apps that could sync with their inventory management app- Unleashed. Loop turned to be the only one which could solve all their issues.

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Introducing the Brand

Flawsome is not your regular drinks brand. Their drinks are made from fruits that would have gone to waste otherwise. Since their launch in 2018, they have inspired people to embrace positive change and have saved more than 24 million fruits! It is a B Corp™ certified business (businesses that balance purpose and profit). Their founder, Maciek Kacprzyk, is a Forbes 30 under 30.

Subscription strategy 

If you think about it, drinks and subscriptions go hand-in-hand. Good drinks are very addictive and then subscriptions become a no brainer. That’s exactly the same feeling people got when they tried out a Flawsome product. These people got addicted to their cold-pressed juices- Now they are subscribers. For the last one and a half years, Flawsome was using another competitor for subscription management. However, as things started to scale up, Flawsome’s team started facing a lot of challenges because of that app's legacy system.

Challenges with A Legacy App

The problems with a legacy subscription app are mainly related to inventory management. It started to interfere with the accounting flow at Flawsome.

We used our ex-app for recurring orders first, but over the time it created a lot of accounting issues that made us look for a change.

Challenge 1: Duplicate listing of all product SKUs

For every product available for subscription, the legacy app created duplicate SKUs. Whenever a subscription order was created, a duplicate SKU was being sold. The Flawsome team had to face situations where the item got sold out and the recurring SKU was still active in their ex-app. They were not able to fulfil subscription orders because they were out of stock and the customers’ orders did not stop.  

Another issue was that if you made any changes on the product, you would need to go back to the legacy app and re-sync the products.

Challenge 2: Sync issues with Unleashed’s Inventory management app

This was a major issue. In Unleashed, you can’t have products with the same SKUs. When the orders were imported automatically from Shopify, all of the recurring orders had errors- They didn’t get imported correctly. This led to huge discrepancies in the stock levels on the platform and in reality.

Migration Decision is Selecting a Trustworthy Alternative

Alisia from the Flawsome team reached out to us with these problems. She was impressed by our solutions and also the quick revert to her queries by our customer support team. From the first day of downloading Loop, the customer support has been excellent. They offer first class support and were able to answer every question and solve every problem.

Here’s how we were able to address their issues:

1. Create recurring orders on existing SKUs instead of duplicating

At Loop, we don’t create duplicate SKUs for subscription orders. We create recurring orders on existing SKUs. So even if you make any changes or some product goes out of stock, all information is already there and is up to date.

2. Inventory management sync & handling out of stock products

As soon as Flawsome switched to our app, they were able to import all the recurring orders to Unleashed. Flawsome didn’t have to worry about out of stock products being sold as our app updates the inventory in real-time within Shopify’s backend. With powerful inventory forecasting available, the Flawsome team is now able to predict how much stock they require to fulfil subscription orders.

Inventory Forecast for Flawsome Drinks

3. Fast support

Flawsome was super impressed with our onboarding process and customer support. Whenever they had any queries, we were quickly able to address all of them.

Migration Process and Timeline

We started off the migration process with a pilot. First, Alisia installed Loop subscriptions on the Shopify store and set up selling plans for their customers. Flawsome team also relied on Pagefly for its page design. We integrated with their Pagefly template to modify the existing design and get the subscription widget live.

Then she did an end-to-end test flow with the Unleashed app. Everything worked smoothly

  • They wanted to test the entire flow within our app. 
  • Once they were satisfied, we launched the subscription program on their entire online store. 
  • We migrated all of their existing subscribers from the legacy app to Loop.
“Loop subscriptions has been phenomenal in managing our subscriptions. The migration was smooth and our operations overhead is much lesser now. Loop has also given us quite a few recommendations on subscriber growth and helped the team implement some of them. If you are thinking about subscriptions on Shopify then Loop is a must.”

Steps Forward

Flawsome is a modern business that wants to highlight the carbon offsetting data of every purchase, including subscriptions. It’s a great initiative keeping in mind the current environmental situation. We teamed up with the Flawsome team to ideate on how they can increase their subscriber base.

Subscription widget with description on their product page

If you also want to boost your subscriptions and migrate from a legacy app or Bold, book a demo now!

Abel Leslie

Chief Migration Specialist at Loop Subscriptions

Hey, I handle all the migrations here at Loop. Hit me up if you have any questions related to Migrating from any Legacy subscriptions apps and I'd be happy to guide you through it.

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