Migration Date: January 2022

The Girlfriend Doctor Migrates with 5-digit Subscribers to Loop Subscriptions

The Girlfriend Doctor, a US based store, shifted their entire subscriber base to Loop Subscriptions with the help of a well planned migration process.

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“In my 20 years of experience in customer success- trust me when I say I’ve been through a lot of integrations and migrations, this is the smoothest migration of my life. No hiccups at all!"

Edith Terolli

Customer Experience Manager, Dr. Anna Cabeca

About The Girlfriend Doctor

The Girlfriend Doctor® is owned and run by Dr. Anna Cabeca. Dr. Anna is a well-known Triple-Board Certified OB-GYN. Dr Anna has published 2 bestsellers: The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16. She also runs her show here and runs a blog here.

Through this brand, she has worked with thousands of women one-on-one to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones. She is the first call for women who have questions they would be comfortable asking only their girlfriend. On their store, you can find all types of products related to women's health and wellness and skin care: Supplements, Creams, Detox Bundles, Courses and more.

The Migration story

The Girlfriend Doctor® is part of the health, wellness and supplements industry and a large portion of their customers are subscribers. They had been running subscriptions on their store for the last couple of years and have a considerable subscriber base. As the subscribers started increasing, so did the problems. Subscribers started complaining about not being able to manage their subscriptions, they were not able to login to the customer portal and in some-cases subscriptions didn't even get created.

Given the scale of their operations, they were skeptical about doing a migration. However, customer (subscriber) experience was getting impacted a lot, they decided to migrate and started exploring other platforms in late 2021. Andreas, technology manager at The Girlfriend Doctor®, started exploring alternatives to Bold Subscriptions. He nearly finalised Skio when we reached out to him. Andreas wasn’t very keen to explore other platforms. But we started speaking and answered his queries in detail on chat. He was impressed with our detailed (and quick) responses and even recommendations. So we asked him to try out app on a demo store.

He was highly impressed with our feature set- great customer experience on our subscriber portal and dashboards with every possible data point on subscriptions. And that’s it! Andreas made-up his mind to migrate to Loop Subscriptions in 3 days after installing Loop Subscriptions.

Reasons behind the Migration Decision

1. Custom checkout for subscriptions

Customers had to complete their subscription orders on the external checkout page and this resulted in drop offs at the last stage of payments and led to revenue loss along with poor customer experience. This was also a nightmare from the point of view of analytics as they had to analyze drop-off numbers on two different domains.

2. Unintuitive customer portal.

Customers found it difficult to access the subscriber portal and manage their subscriptions. Customers had to create a separate account which was confusing so they started raising tickets. This high barrage of tickets started taking the bandwidth of customer experience team. This led to poor customer experience.

3. Lack of integration with Gorgias

The Girlfriend Doctor® uses Gorgias, a popular customer support Shopify app. They were already getting a lot of customer tickets and Bold doesn't integrate with Gorgias which created more problems for them.

We ended-up doing the integration in a week’s time. Andreas wasn’t expecting this at all and he said:

"You guys are great! Thanks for these frequent updates and apologies that currently we are as fast you!"

4. Very high response time and poor customer support.

The Bold Subscriptions team took anywhere from 48-72 hours to respond to a support ticket. This slow response time meant higher resolution time for end customer as well which led to extremely poor response. Slow response time combined with increasing tickets started becoming unmanageable situation for CX team.

Risk-Free Migration Process

Andreas is a technical person and he thinks about edge cases first: Possible problems which can happen with the migration.

We also follow the same philosophy and that is why for every migration we create an extensive document outlining all details.

To shift the complete subscriber base of Dr. Anna through a 100% risk-free migration, we made a comprehensive 3-phase migration plan. To ease the migration process, we request access of Shopify store so we could do the heavy-lifting.

In phase 1, we launched the Loop Subscription Widget on their online store. Within phase 2, we migrated the payment details of the subscribers. And in the phase 3, we migrated all the subscribers to a different payment provider.

Phase 1 - Setting up Subscriptions

We installed Loop Subscriptions on a test Shopify Store and completed the set-up as per our document. Andreas and team also worked on setting-up custom subscription widget which would result in an increase in subscribers.

Subscription Widget with Customized Selling Plan

Here are the important configurations that need to be done in a migration:

  1. Creation of selling plans and mapping products
  2. Shipping Profiles for Subscriptions: The Girlfriend Doctor® has different shipping profiles for subscriptions and one-time orders. They also have different shipping profiles for different geographies so all of this was set-up.
  3. Subscription Update Logic: If the product price changes, then it shouldn’t impact existing subscriptions. This is a simple configuration.
  4. Easy Customer Portal: We created a dedicated page where the customers just need to enter their email to get a link for the subscriber portal. We also added a button in My Account section of Shopify so customers can also access subscription portal from there.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Customer Portal

5. Smart Dunning Management and Alerts: We setup a payment retry logic for failed payments and also activated alerts for customers to update their cards. This has already resulted in 3.8% increase in revenue.

Get Analytics on Potential Revenue from Payment Retries

6. Cancellation Flow: When customer tries to cancel the subscription, we setup a system to ask for a reason. Every reason has few recommendations to reduce cancellations

Reduce Subscription Cancellations through Customized Flows

Phase 2 - Migrating Customer Payments

Smooth migration of Payments gateway

When The Girlfriend Doctor® was on another app, they were using Stripe for recurring billing. Now they wanted to switch to Authorize.net for subscriptions because their main store also ran on the same payment gateway. This is how we planned the process:

  • We set-up Stripe as secondary payment gateway on Shopify Store to process existing subscribers and migrated all the payment tokens.
  • All new subscriptions were getting created on Authorize.net
  • Once the migration of all subscribers was done (phase 3), we started migrating payment methods from Stripe to Authorize.net.

All of this was done without notifying or alerting the customers.

Phase 3 - Migrating Subscribers

Smooth migration of Subscribers

Once Stripe was activated on the store and we had migrated all the payment tokens, we started migrating all the subscribers to Loop. We migrated few subscribers to see everything is working well. After testing thoroughly for any issues, we completed the entire migration. While the migration was happening, we also enabled Gorgias integration to help customer experience team resolve issues better.

Review on Shopify App Store From Dr. Anna Cabeca's Team

Steps Forward

After super smooth migration, we are now working with Andreas and Edith to help them reduce cancellations and increase subscribers. In our first call post migration to discuss new ideas subscription growth, Edith said:

"This call has been really valuable for us. You guys are really good at what you do, I can tell you that. For how long you have been doing this?"

On their store, you can easily observe that they have prominently highlighted special offers on subscription orders. That’s a great tactic to increase the conversion rate of customers to subscribers. 

We work with brands as their partners and not just another tool. If you aren’t happy with your subscribers growth and are looking to migrate a solution which is more feature rich, gives you more insights and costs you less, then please feel free to reach out to us at contact@loopwork.co

Abel Leslie

Chief Migration Specialist at Loop Subscriptions

Hey, I handle all the migrations here at Loop. Hit me up if you have any questions related to Migrating from any Legacy subscriptions apps and I'd be happy to guide you through it.

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